COAAPT1                 APTT REAGENT      ELLAGIC FACTOR ACTIVATION                                             1x3ml 

      COAAPT2                 APTT REAGENT      ELLAGIC FACTOR ACTIVATION                                              5x3ml 

      COAAPC3                 APTT WITH             ELLAGIC FACTOR ACTIVATION                                              6x3ml / 2x10ml 


      COAAPC4                 APTT WITH             ELLAGIC FACTOR ACTIVATION                                              6x6ml / 4x10ml 


      COACCL1                 CALCIUM                 FOR APTT ASSAYS                                                                1x10ml 

                                       CHLORIDE (0.02M)  


      COACCL2                 CALCIUM                 FOR APTT ASSAYS                                                                5x10ml 

                                       CHLORIDE (0.02M)  

      COAFIB1                  FIBRINOGEN           LIQUID STABLE BOVINE                                                        4x1ml / 1x1ml /  

                                       LIQUID STABLE      THROMBIN ASSAY                                                                 4x10ml

      COAPTH1                PT HIGH SENS        RECOMBINANT HUMAN TISSUE                                           5x5ml 

                                                                        FACTOR (ISI 1.0)

      COAPTH2                PT HIGH SENS        RECOMBINANT HUMAN TISSUE                                          10x5ml 

                                                                        FACTOR (ISI 1.0)

      COAPTH3                PT HIGH SENS        RECOMBINANT HUMAN TISSUE                                          10x10ml 

                                                                        FACTOR (ISI 1.0)

      COATTR1                THROMBIN TIME     LIQUID STABLE ASSAY                                                         5x1ml 


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AMS Labs are a rapidly expanding, innovative primary diagnostics manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, specialising in the development, manufacturing and distribution of an extensive range of IVD Medical Diagnostic and Point of Care Tests for a global market.

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