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    SPCAAT1               A-1 ANTITRYPSIN              IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                2x25ml / 1x10ml

    SPCAPA1              APOLIPOPROTEIN A1         IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                2x25ml / 1x10ml

    SPCAPB1              APOLIPOPROTEIN B           IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                2x25ml / 1x10ml

    SPCCER1              CERULOPLASMIN               IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                2x25ml / 1x7ml

    SPCCC31              COMPLEMENT C3               IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                 2x25ml / 1x8ml


    SPCCC41              COMPLEMENT C4               IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                 2x25ml / 1x8ml

    SPCCRP1             CRP FULL RANGE               IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                 3x10ml / 1x10ml

    SPCHSC1             CRP HIGH SENSITIVITY      LEI IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                           2x25ml / 1x12ml

    SPCCYC1             CYSTATIN C                          LEI IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                          2x20ml / 1x10ml

    SPCDDM1            D-DIMER                              LEI  IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                          3x10ml / 1x10ml

    SPCHOM1            HOMOCYSTEINE                  ENZYMATIC                                                                      1x25ml / 1x7ml

    SPCIGA1              IMMUNOGLOBULIN A          IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                 3x10ml / 1x10ml

    SPCIGG1              IMMUNOGLOBULIN G          IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                 3x10ml / 1x10ml

    SPCIGM1             IMMUNOGLOBULIN M          IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                 3x10ml / 1x10ml


    SPCLPA1             LIPOPROTEIN (a)                  IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                 2x25ml / 1x10ml

    SPCMAU1           MICROALBUMIN                    IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                 2x25ml / 1x8ml

    SPCNEF1            NON-ESTERIFIED                  (NEFA)ENZYMATIC                                                          3x10ml / 1x10ml

                                FATTY ACIDS


    SPCPAL1            PREALBUMIN                        IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                 2x25ml / 1x5ml

    SPCTBA1            TOTAL BILE ACIDS                ENZYMATIC                                                                      3x10ml / 1x10ml

    SPCTFR1            TRANSFERRIN                       IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY                                                 2x25ml / 1x5ml

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AMS Labs are a rapidly expanding, innovative primary diagnostics manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, specialising in the development, manufacturing and distribution of an extensive range of IVD Medical Diagnostic and Point of Care Tests for a global market.

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