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    QCCASO1                     ASO TURBICAL            CALIBRATOR FOR TURBIDIMETRIC ASSAYS                   L.S                                                     1x1ml

    QCCASO2                     ASO TURBICAL            CALIBRATOR FOR TURBIDIMETRIC ASSAYS                   L.S                                                     3x1ml

    QCCACR1                     ASO,CRP,RF                 HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROL FOR                           L.S                                                     3x1ml

                                         CONTROL LEVEL 1       ASO,CRP AND RF

    QCCACR2                     ASO,CRP,RF                 HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROL FOR                           L.S                                                     3x1ml

                                         CONTROL LEVEL 2      ASO,CRP AND RF


    QCCACR3                      ASO,CRP,RF                HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROL FOR                           L.S                                                     3x1ml

                                          CONTROL LEVEL 3     ASO,CRP AND RF


    QCCACR4                      ASO,CRP,RF                 HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROL FOR                          L.S                                                     3x1ml

                                          CONTROL TRILEVEL    ASO,CRP AND RF

    QCCBGC1                      BLOOD GROUPING      BLOOD GROUPING CONTROLS FOR A,B,D                      L.S                                                  3x0.2ml

                                          CONTROL SET

    QCCCAL1                      CALIBRATION              HUMAN SERUM BASED CALIBRATION SERUM FOR      Lyo                                                    1x3ml

                                         SERUM                          CLIN CHEM


    QCCCAL2                     CALIBRATION              HUMAN SERUM BASED CALIBRATION SERUM FOR       Lyo                                                    5x3ml

                                         SERUM                         CLIN CHEM


    QCCCAR1                     CARDIAC CONTROL    HUMAN SERUM BASED LIQUID STABLE CARDIAC          L.S                                                    3x1ml

                                         LEVEL 1                        CONTROL


    QCCCAR2                     CARDIAC CONTROL    HUMAN SERUM BASED LIQUID STABLE CARDIAC          L.S                                                    3x1ml

                                         LEVEL 2                       CONTROLS


    QCCCAR3                     CARDIAC CONTROL   HUMAN SERUM BASED LIQUID STABLE CARDIAC           L.S                                                    3x1ml    

                                          LEVEL 3                      CONTROLS


    QCCCAR4                     CARDIAC CONTROL    HUMAN SERUM BASED LIQUID STABLE CARDIAC          L.S                                                     3x1ml

                                         SET                               CONTROLS


    QCCCG01                     CHOLYLGLYCINE        CALIBRATION SERUM FOR CHOLYLGLYCINE                   L.S                                                     6x1ml

                                         CALIBRATOR SET


    QCCCG04                     CHOLYLGLYCINE        CONTROL SET FOR CHOLYLGLYCINE                                L.S                                                     2x3ml

                                         CONTROL SET


    QCCCMB1                    CK CKMB                      CKNAC CKMB CALIBRATION SERUM                                Lyo                                                    4x2ml



    QCCQMB1                   CK CKMB                       CK NAC CKMB QUALITY CONTROL LEVEL 1                    Lyo                                                    4x2ml

                                        CONTROL LEVEL 1


    QCCQMB2                   CK CKMB                       CK NAC CKMB QUALITY CONTROL LEVEL 2                    Lyo                                                    4x2ml

                                        CONTROL LEVEL 2


    QCCCRP1                    CRP TURBICAL             CALIBRATOR FOR TURBIDIMETRIC ASSAYS                   L.S                                                     1x1ml


    QCCCRP2                    CRP TURBICAL             CALIBRATOR FOR TURBIDIMETRIC ASSAYS                   L.S                                                     3x1ml


    QCCCYS1                     CYSTATIN C                  CALIBRATOR SETCYSTATIN C 5 LEVEL                           L.S                                                     5x1ml

                                                                               CALIBRATOR SET        


    QCCCYS2                    CYSTATIN C                  CYSTATIN C CONTROL                                                        L.S                                                    3x1ml

                                        CONTROL LEVEL 1


    QCCCYS3                    CYSTATIN C                  CYSTATIN C CONTROL                                                        L.S                                                    3x1ml

                                        CONTROL LEVEL 2


    QCCCYS4                    CYSTATIN C                  CYSTATIN C CONTROL WITH LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2       L.S                                                    4x1ml

                                        CONTROL SET 


    QCCDOA1                   DRUGS OF ABUSE       DRUGS OF ABUSE CONTROLS – URINE BASED,              L.S                                                 2x3x5ml

                                        CONTROL SET              TWO LEVELS + 25% FROM CUT OFF AND

                                       – URINE                          -25% FROM CUT OFF



    QCCDOA2                   DRUGS OF ABUSE       DRUGS OF ABUSE CONTROLS – SALIVA BASED,             L.S                                                2x3x2ml

                                        CONTROLS SET           TWO LEVELS +25% FROM CUT OFF  

                                       – SALIVA                        AND -25% FROM CUT OFF



    QCCBIL2                     ELEVATED                     HUMAN SERUM BASED CALIBRATION SERUM                Lyo                                                  3x1ml

                                        BILIRUBIN                     FOR BILIRUBIN T&D



    QCCBIL1                     ELEVATED                     HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROL FOR                             Lyo                                                  3x1ml

                                        BILIRUBIN                     HIGH VALUES OF BILIRUBIN T&D


    QCCESR1                    ESR CONTROL SET      WHOLE BLOOD BASED ESR CONTROLS                           L.S                                             2x3x10ml

                                                                               LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2


    QCCFOB1                   FOB CONTROL               FAECAL OCCULT BLOOD CONTROL                                     S                                                    3x0.5g

                                        LEVEL 1


    QCCFOB2                   FOB CONTROL               FAECAL OCCULT BLOOD CONTROL                                     S                                                    3x0.5g

                                        LEVEL 2


    QCCFOB3                   FOB CONTROL SET       FAECAL OCCULT BLOOD CONTROL                                     S                                                 2x3x0.5g


    QCCHBC1                   HbA1c CONTROL           WHOLE BLOOD BASED LYOPHILISED HBA1C                  Lyo                                                2x0.5ml



    QCCHBC2                  HbA1c CONTROL            WHOLE BLOOD BASED LYOPHILISED HBA1C                  Lyo                                                2x0.5ml



    QCCHBC3                  HbA1c CONTROL SET    WHOLE BLOOD BASED LYOPHILISED HBA1C                  Lyo                                            2x2x0.5ml



    QCCHLC1                  HDL/LDL CALIBRATOR   FOR DIRECT HDL AND LDL ASSAYS                                Lyo                                                   3x1ml


    QCCHLC2                  HDL/LDL CALIBRATOR   FOR DIRECT HDL AND LDL ASSAYS                                Lyo                                                 10x1ml


    QCCHAN1                 HUMAN ASSAYED          HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                              Lyo                                                   1x5ml

                                      LEVEL 1                          CLINICAL CHEMISTRY CONTROLS

    QCCHAN2                 HUMAN ASSAYED          HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                              Lyo                                                  5x5ml

                                      LEVEL 1                          CLINICAL CHEMISTRY CONTROLS


    QCCHAN3                HUMAN ASSAYED          HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                               Lyo                                                10x5ml

                                     LEVEL 1                           CLINICAL CHEMISTRY CONTROLS


    QCCHAE1                HUMAN ASSAYED           HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                               Lyo                                                 1x5ml  

                                     LEVEL 2                           CLINICAL CHEMISTRY CONTROLS

    QCCHAE2                 HUMAN ASSAYED          HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                               Lyo                                                 5x5ml

                                     LEVEL 2                           CLINICAL CHEMISTRY CONTROLS


    QCCHAE3                 HUMAN ASSAYED          HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                              Lyo                                                10x5ml

                                     LEVEL 2                           CLINICAL CHEMISTRY CONTROLS


    QCCIAL1                   IMMUNOASSAY              HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                              Lyo                                                  5x5ml

                                     CONTROL LEVEL 1         CONTROL FOR IMMUNOASSAYS 


    QCCIAL2                  IMMUNOASSAY               HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                              Lyo                                                  5x5ml

                                     CONTROL LEVEL 2           CONTROL FOR IMMUNOASSAYS


    QCCIAL3                 IMMUNOASSAY                HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                              Lyo                                                  5x5ml

                                    CONTROL LEVEL 3           CONTROL FOR IMMUNOASSAYS

    QCCTLI4                  IMMUNOASSAY               HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                              Lyo                                              3x3x5ml

                                    TRILEVEL CONTROL         CONTROL FOR IMMUNOASSAYS


    QCCLIP1                  LIPID CONTROL              HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                              Lyo                                                  3x1ml

                                     LEVEL 1                           LIPID CONTROLS


    QCCLIP2                  LIPID CONTROL                HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                            Lyo                                                  3x1ml

                                     LEVEL 2                            LIPID CONTROLS


    QCCLIP3                  LIPID CONTROL SET        HUMAN SERUM BASED LYOPHILISED                            Lyo                                              2x2x1ml

                                                                               LIPID CONTROLS


    QCCLPA3                 LIPOPROTEIN (a)             LIPOPROTEIN (a) HIGH CALIBRATOR                               L.S                                                  3x1ml

                                     CALIBRATOR HIGH          - FOR DILUTION SERIES


    QCCLPA1                 LIPOPROTEIN (a)             HUMAN SERUM BASED LIPOPROTEIN                            L.S                                                  3x1ml

                                     CONTROL LEVEL 1          (a) CONTROL

    QCCLPA2                 LIPOPROTEIN (a)             HUMAN SERUM BASED LIPOPROTEIN                            L.S                                                  3x1ml

                                     CONTROL LEVEL 2           (a) CONTROL 

    QCCMAU1                MICROALBUMIN              HUMAN URINE BASED LIQUID                                          L.S                                             2x3x2ml

                                     CONTROL LEVEL 1          STABLE MICROALBUMIN CONTROL

    QCCMAU2                 MICROALBUMIN             HUMAN URINE BASED LIQUID                                          L.S                                                 3x2ml

                                      CONTROL LEVEL 2             STABLE MICROALBUMIN CONTROL


    QCCMAU3                 MICROALBUMIN             HUMAN URINE BASED LIQUID STABLE                           L.S                                             2x2x2ml

                                      CONTROL SET                 MICROALBUMIN CONTROL


    QCCPCC1                  PLASMA                          For PT,APTT, FIBRINOGEN, TT ASSAYS                          Lyo                                                 3x1ml



    QCCPCL1                  PLASMA                          For PT,APTT, FIBRINOGEN, TT ASSAYS                          Lyo                                                 5x1ml

                                      CONTROL LEVEL 1


    QCCPCL2                 PLASMA                           For PT,APTT, FIBRINOGEN, TT ASSAYS                          Lyo                                                 5x1ml

                                     CONTROL LEVEL 2


    QCCRF01                  RF TURBICAL                 TURBIDIMETRIC CALIBRATOR                                          L.S                                                  1x2ml

                                                                              - FOR DILUTION TO A SERIES 

    QCCRF02                  RF TURBICAL                 TURBIDIMETRIC CALIBRATOR                                          L.S                                                 3x2ml 

                                                                               - FOR DILUTION TO A SERIES 


    QCCSPC1                  SPECIFIC PROTEIN        HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROLS                                L.S                                                 3x1ml

                                      CONTROL LEVEL 1         FOR SERUM PROTEINS


    QCCSPC2                  SPECIFIC PROTEIN        HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROLS                               L.S                                                  3x1ml

                                      CONTROL LEVEL 2         FOR SERUM PROTEINS


    QCCSPC3                  SPECIFIC PROTEIN        HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROLS                               L.S                                                  3x1ml

                                      CONTROL LEVEL 3          FOR SERUM PROTEINS


    QCCSPC4                  SPECIFIC PROTEIN        HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROLS                               L.S                                                  3x1ml

                                      CONTROL TRILEVEL      FOR SERUM PROTEINS


    QCCTMC1                 TUMOR MARKER            HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROLS                               L.S                                                  3x1ml

                                      CONTROL LEVEL 1         FOR TUMOR MARKERS


    QCCTMC2                 TUMOR MARKER            HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROLS                               L.S                                                  3x1ml

                                      CONTROL LEVEL 2         FOR TUMOR MARKERS


    QCCTMC3                 TUMOR MARKER            HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROLS                               L.S                                                  3x1ml

                                      CONTROL LEVEL 3         FOR TUMOR MARKERS


    QCCTMC4                 TUMOR MARKER            HUMAN SERUM BASED CONTROLS                               L.S                                                  3x1ml

                                      CONTROL TRILEVEL       FOR TUMOR MARKERS


    QCCURI1                  URINALYSIS CONTROL    HUMAN URINE BASED CONTROLS                               L.S                                                3x12ml

                                     LEVEL 1 LIQUID STABLE   FOR URINE STRIPS


    QCCURI2                  URINALYSIS CONTROL     HUMAN URINE BASED CONTROLS                              L.S                                                3x12ml

                                     LEVEL 2 LIQUID STABLE   FOR URINE STRIPS


    QCCURI3                  URINALYSIS CONTROL     HUMAN URINE BASED CONTROLS                              L.S                                            2x3x12ml

                                     SET LIQUID STABLE          FOR URINE STRIPS

    QCCUCC1                 URINE CHEMISTRY          LYOPHILISED HUMAN URINE                                        Lyo                                                5x10ml

                                     CONTROL LEVEL 1           CHEMISTRY CONTROLS

    QCCUCC2                 URINE CHEMISTRY          LYOPHILISED HUMAN URINE                                        Lyo                                                5x10ml

                                     CONTROL LEVEL 2           CONTROL LEVEL 2

    QCCUCC3                 URINE CHEMISTRY          LYOPHILISED HUMAN URINE                                        Lyo                                                5x10ml

                                     CONTROL SET                   CHEMISTRY CONTROLS

    QCCVTD1                 VITAMIN D                         LIQUID STABLE VITAMIN D                                           L.S                                               2x3x1ml

                                     CONTROL SET                   CONTROLS LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2

    QCCXAN1                XANTHOCHROMIA            XANTHOCHROMIA LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2                    L.S                                              2x1x1ml

                                     CONTROL SET



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